Simone Sprenger

MAPS summerschool in Groningen

Multiple Approaches to Speech Perception, July 9-13 2018, with Anita Wagner and Terrin Tamati.

How does language work if it works? Most of my research is motivated by this question. I want to know how we learn, store, and use language, and how we manage to do all this so extraordinarily fast and accurately.

My research interests include bilingualism and L2 acquisition, the way in which language production and comprehension are a function of age, and how they interact with executive functions and long-term memory. I often use idioms and other types of fixed expressions to study these issues.


I teach psycholinguistics and research methods in the bachelor's and research master's programs in Linguistics, as well as English Language and Culture, at the University of Groningen (Faculty of Arts). In addition, I am currently co-organizing the MAPS summer school on speech perception.

MAPS summer school

You don’t hear the difference between bad and bed? Rather than a hearing problem, this is a problem of speech perception. During the MAPS summer school we will explore how our experience, language, age, social network or even physical environment shape our perception of speech. From a multi-disciplinary perspective, we will explore how speech perception is sustained in cortical and subcortical networks, how speech is coded in cochlear implants, and how speech perception research can be designed in such in a way that sensory, cognitive and social effects are captured. This summer school is intended for Research Master students, PhDs, MdPhD and practitioners with coursework or research experience with speech, hearing or language. Basic knowledge of cognitive psychology and neuroscience is recommended.