Simone Sprenger: Research

I am a member of the Semantics and Cognition group, which is led by Petra Hendriks at the Faculty of Art, University of Groningen. I am also a member of the Center for Language and Cognition (CLCG) and the BCN research school.

PhD projects

Research master projects

  • Matthias Reiner does an EEG study on the relationship between attention and language competition.
  • Tom Freire-Offrede studies bilingual picture naming.

Research assistants

  • Wessel van der Rest has designed the website and experiment implementation for
  • Marco Breemhaar has designed an idiom robot and the idiom database that we use for , and has implemented the text-to-speech technology that we use for both.
  • Sjoerd Hekman has helped us to collect the idioms for
  • Raoul Buurke is involved in the implementation of software for automatic speech onset detection (starting grant Faculty of Arts 2019).

Recent publications

Recent presentations

National Weekend of Science 2019

Together with Jacolien van Rij I am preparing for a large-scale idiom rating study that will be publicized during the National Weekend of Science in the Netherlands. This research is supported by a grant from the Gratama foundation.